Trim your trees and your budget with a guide to tree lopping pricing and inclusions from Coolangatta up to Brisbanr.


Tree lopping or trimming is an important part of tree health and safety. Properly trimming back your trees can help them grow more robustly by letting light get to branches and limbs that would otherwise be blocked. Lopping is also important if your tree is starting to impinge on electrical wires or other utilities. 

Yet trimming your own trees is discouraged for the same reasons. The health of your tree could be compromised if an untrained homeowner takes to lopping branches without understanding the important aspects of growth and development. Add in the issues of utility lines, heights, and general safety issues, and you’re looking at a recipe for potential disaster. 

That’s why so many homeowners on the Gold Coast call out for tree lopping services. How much you’re going to spend, however, will vary based on a number of factors, starting namely with the trees themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the rates arborists and tree services charge for tree lopping and what you need to understand about this critical service. 

A primer on tree lopping

Tree lopping has received a mixed reputation because of untrained services taking to damaging and stripping trees down to the bare minimum of branches. This is simply not proper tree trimming. Done right, tree trimming leaves plenty of branches and growth on the tree itself. The trimming should be first and foremost done to help promote the growth of the tree, not reduce it to a shadow of its former self.

Of course, safety is a primary concern as we mentioned. That means that any branches that are causing a risk to a home or utility lines should be trimmed back to be on the safe side. This selective lopping can help extend the life of the tree while keeping everyone involved safe. 

Tree lopping itself is an art that should be trusted to a trained arborist or service that specialises in tree care and understands how to keep a tree both safe and healthy for years to come. Most often, dead, dying, or decaying branches are cleared out to allow the rest of the tree to thrive. This also improves the look and feel of the tree in your outdoor spaces while reducing risk that an older branch will fall and damage something below. 

While you might be able to trim a low-lying branch yourself, its recommended to leave all tree trimming to the experts. That way, the tree is not damaged or reduced any more than is strictly required. Also, keep in mind that many trees are extremely tall, and it isn’t safe for homeowners to attempt culling branches without the right safety equipment. Notably, some local councils also have restrictions around what can, and what can’t, be cut back. It can help to have an arborist on your side as you explain your case and wait for approvals. 

Factors that affect the cost of tree lopping on the Gold Coast

It all starts with the tree. 

Every tree lopping job is going to be priced differently because of the circumstances surrounding the tree and the actual tree itself. Here are just a few factors that are considered when an estimate is put together for you. 

  • Size: Taller and larger trees cost more to trim because they require more time and equipment to safely and effectively work on.
  • Condition: Unhealthy trees that need more work done on them to bring them back to vibrancy.
  • Location: If its harder to reach or access the tree in question, more equipment and time might be needed to do the trimming.
  • Utilities: Tree branches encroaching on electrical or other utility lines require extra care and time to work free. 
  • Species: Some tree types require different approaches to both removal as well as access and disposal. 
  • Weather: Troublesome conditions like rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can delay trimming or cause it to take longer to complete.

How much does tree lopping cost on the Gold Coast?

With all of these different factors to consider, there’s no single answer to the price for tree trimming. In fact, different tree services will also charge differently. There are two main ways: flat fees and hourly rates. 

Hourly rates for tree lopping tend to fall between $50-$150 per hour depending on the demand and expertise of the service. However, the average cost is $120/hr. From there, a service should do an onsite visit to see the tree, or trees, in question and provide an estimate based on how long the job will take to complete. 

Flat rates tend to be based more on the size, condition, location, and other factors of the tree itself. In these instances, tree size ends up being the biggest factor that most tree services will categorise their rates by. 

Tree Size

Average Cost

Small (up to 10 metres)


Medium (10-20 metres)


Large (more than 20 metres)



Those are some pretty wide ranges, right? That’s because size is just the start of estimating how much a tree will cost to trim. For example, a small tree in the middle of a garden that’s easily accessible might be trimmed for just $400 while a small tree of the same size next to a powerline or alongside a house could cost closer to $2,100 to trim. 

That’s why its important for you to get an exact quote from a tree service for the tree in question where they can also see the location and condition of the tree. Your arborist will have to take all of these factors into account. Note that they might also have separate charges for removal, so be sure to ask if that’s important to you. 

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