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Tree Removal Tweed Heads

Killick Tree Management provides professional tree services by qualified Arborists at reasonable prices. The business has been operating within the Tweed Shire for over 12 years and has a strong reputation providing professional and quality Arboriculture services.  Offering a range of services including Tree Removal Tweed Heads, tree trimming, tree cutting, tree lopping and stump grinding. 

Tweed Heads is recognised as a sub-tropical location which means trees grow quickly here on the Coast. Late spring and early summer we see huge growth of trees within the Tweed region prompting many enquiries for tree removal and tree trimming services. The start of the storm season sees a surge in enquiries from worried residents concerned about the health and safety of their trees. 

Killick tree management has a reputation for high-quality and professional work undertaking tree removal tweed heads. We have a professional team of workers who are all striving for complete customer satisfaction always ensuring safety is a top priority. Our team is well trained, knowledgeable, and professional to ensure every job is completed to the highest

Tree trimming in Tweed Heads being performed by qualified Arborist

Tree Services Tweed Heads

Tree Surgery Tweed Heads

Whether you need simple tree pruning, hedging, shaping or dangerous technical tree removal, we can carry out all tree works with attention to safety. We understand the importance of proper tree care, which is why we’re dedicated to taking care of trees, the environment and the people that live around them. Our environment benefits from professional arboriculture tree care by rescuing trees using tree surgery or selective pruning as an alternative to tree removal.


Tree Trimming and Pruning Tweed Heads

As your local tree company, we can set up a maintenance plan to ensure your trees are maintained to ensure they stay healthy and looking good, while ensuring they are free from deadwood and possible hazardous branches. Tree trimming and pruning is when you selectively remove branches from a tree. The goal is to remove unwanted branches, improve the tree’s structure, and direct new, healthy growth. 


Tree Removal Tweed Heads

Tree removal tweed heads can be a dangerous, difficult, and time-consuming job requiring specialist Arborist skills. Our certified level 5 Arborist’s can provide the best solution to meet our customer needs. Our skilled arborist can help decide whether a tree should be removed or save with tree surgery practices. We have years of experience within the crew to bring down the large and dangerous trees safely, with no risk to your property, or to you.


Palm Tree Pruning Manicuring and Removal Tweed Heads

Palm trees are a great feature for homes situated within the subtropical rainforest we reside. Palm trees can look great in the right location but can also be troublesome with their pesky dying leaves and seed pods making a mess of our customer homes and yards. 


Tree Stump Grinding Tweed Heads

We can stump grind a recently cut down tree or an old tree stump. By grinding a tree stump and surrounding roots to well below the surface, customers can then lay grass or plant a garden over the area. We have two stump grinders with varying degrees of capability.  Stump tree removal tweed heads is a very common practice to reduce hazards within the yard.


Tree Services Tweed Heads

If you feel that your trees have become too large for your property and fear that tall trees may pose hazard, we put people and property first in planning. In any tree services or tree removal project we will provide free consultation about any risks or dangers before any tree pruning or removal work is commenced.


Land and block clearing Tweed Heads

We have worked on multiple projects including State Government projects to clear land ready for development. Our heavy equipment including large 18” Bandit Chipper can meet safety standards and to manage large jobsites. We are specialists in land and block clearing including residential blocks and commercial land. 


Hedging Tweed Heads

We provide regular pruning and trimming services to keep your garden looking their absolute best all year round. Utilising correct hedging practices and techniques helps plants maintain their shape and promotes growth.


Wood Chipping Mulch Sales Tweed Heads

Killick Tree Management operate a new 18” Bandit woodchipper to ensure all the tree debris is recycled into fine chip mulch. To keep your property neat and tidy, mulch is chipped directly to our truck. When we have finished the job, clients can keep the mulch for their gardens, free of charge, or we can cart it away for you. 


Tweed Region

The Tweed Region offers a diverse landscape for local residents and Australian holidays. The rainforest with fresh water running creeks meets the ocean with a range of activities including hiking, cruising, kayaking, bike riding to name a few. The land is fertile with tropical fruits and vegetables available throughout the region. An abundance of food and drink producers in the region as mentioned by Visit NSW allows local restaurants and cafe’s to provide the freshest of ingredients for five star experiences. . 

Highly skilled & experienced

Jason Killick is a Cert 5 qualified Arborist with 20 years of Arboriculture experience. Jason is extremely proficient in leading our highly skilled and experienced team to deliver a full range of Arboriculture Services to the region.

Delivering Premium Services

We have invested in the latest 18” Bandit Chipper to lead the way in delivering greater job efficiencies, high performance, improved safety and a wider range of capabilities.

Family Owned

We are a Family-Owned and operated business, proudly providing quality service to the region for over 10 years.

One Stop Shop

We have invested in a range of equipment to deliver a one stop shop for our customers. From complete tree removal, trimming & maintenance, hedging, stump grinding and mulching.

Customer Satisfaction

The proof is in the pudding with our five star reviews found online commonly referring to ease of communication, reliable and professional. Our ease of communication with customers is made possible by our investment in the latest mobile and cloud technology enabling great service across our business.

Specialist Tree Work

Our highly experienced team of Arborists are capable of undertaking specialist tree works including large and overhanging trees, crane removals, storm damage and all insurance work.

Quality Job Management

Complex tree removals using the lowering devices, complete tree removal, tree trimming & maintenance.

Free Quotes & Advice

Our friendly staff are available to provide free quotes and advice.

Take back your free time by having us take care of your trees

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