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When it comes to removing and completely felling trees, it can be a tricky business here on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Our councils, along with Australian Standards, are pretty rigid when it comes to taking down any of our trees, especially those that are native or protected. However, there are some circumstances where removal does make sense. That’s when you need to call on a licensed and insured arborist who can be trusted to do the job right and within compliance. 

We always do our best to save the trees we encounter either through pruning, selective lopping, or other maintenance services. But when a tree needs to come down, you can trust the team at Killick Tree Maintenance. We have the right equipment and know how to get the job done right and in accordance with all the required laws. 

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How can I tell that a tree needs to be removed??

Ultimately, there are two main reasons that a tree would be removed from a property: 

  • Preference
  • Safety

When it comes to preference, we’re talking about removing trees to make way for other structures in your garden such as a shed or a pool. You may also just not like the look of a tree or the space it’s taking up (or the mess it makes with its leaves or fronds). 

However, the more common reason (and more commonly approved, for that matter) is when safety is a concern. Trees can become hazardous if they become sick, dying, or otherwise dangerous to you, your family, and your property. This often happens with more mature trees that wind up structurally unstable after years of decay and rot. 

So can I just remove any tree I want?

Not quite. Here on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads, we’re pretty protective of our trees, wanting to keep the canopy intact and protect our native species as much as possible. To that end, you’ll probably need a removal permit from your local council to take an entire tree down. (You might even need one for tree lopping.)

It’s a frustrating process that you shouldn’t go through without a certified arborist on your side. They can help explain to the council what threats the tree is making to your property and share any other prior attempts to save it (or reasons why trimming is not an option). 

In some cases where a tree is a clear threat to your home or power lines, you may also be required to plant a new tree on your property to replace the one you have removed. This is usually done when a native species is in poor condition and receives council approval for removal.

Is tree removal a long process?

It certainly can be. It all depends on how large the tree is and how accessible the tree is for the crew and equipment needed.

Fear not! An experienced arborist will be able to work on and safely remove a tree from nearly anywhere on your property. It’s just that they may need to employ the use of larger equipment, such as cranes, to be able to do it properly. 

On average, you can expect it to take half a day to a day for an entire tree to be removed from your property. And as a general rule, the larger the tree, the longer it will take. If you include stump grinding, the job will likely take closer to an entire day to complete. 

How much does tree removal cost on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads?

This, too, is going to depend on how big the tree is and how accessible it is for the crew. The average price here on the Gold Coast is $1,150 for tree removal. But if your tree is much smaller, let’s say only one-storey tall, that price could be nearly half. 

Even if your tree is on the smaller side, you might pay a bit more than the average if the tree is difficult to access, you opt for stump grinding, or your service charges extra to haul away the debris. All of this can add on to the equipment, time, and labour it takes to get the job done right. 

Don’t be surprised when your tree service asks what kind of tree you are looking to have taken down. Not only are they going to have Australian standards and local council rules in mind, but they are also going to be considering just how difficult that particular species is to work with. For example, it is much harder to cut down eucalyptus trees than jacaranda. 

And don’t forget about the council permit which can garner its own fees along the way. Make sure you’re clear on whether you or your tree service is responsible for filing (and initially paying) for that portion of the project.

Let Killick Tree Maintenance help with your tree troubles

If you think you have a tree on your property that needs to come down, call the expert arborists at Killick Tree Management. We understand the nuances of tree health and might even be able to save your tree rather than remove it. If it qualifies clearly for removal, we can work with you on the council approval process and follow any rules that are stipulated in your approvals. 

We’ll take care of your tree removal with precision and professionalism as a one-stop shop for all your tree needs. We have all of the latest equipment and technology so you don’t have to wonder whether a job can be done, just when!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removal on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

That’s definitely not something you should tackle yourself at all. Even if the tree is a manageable size, you have to be sure you know exactly what you are working with including the species. It’s generally illegal to cut down trees of any kind or size without council approval, and if you mistakenly take down a protected or native species, you’ll be facing hefty fines. Leave the removal to the experts who can help guide you through the process safely and compliantly.

Not if you don’t want to be (or aren’t able to). Everything for your job should be detailed and approved ahead of time, especially getting council approvals for the removal. Once the removal job is on the schedule, you should be able to leave it in the capable hands of your arborist.

Not if you want to keep it. Some choose to keep the stump to reduce the overall cost of the project, especially if the tree is big and they aren’t bothered by the sight of a tree stump in their garden. However, keep in mind that tree stumps can be breeding grounds for pests like termites and that the root system can continue to live on below the ground. It might be better for you and your garden in the long run to consider stump grinding along with tree removal at the same time (and likely for a bundle discount).


Highly skilled & experienced

Jason Killick is a Cert 5 qualified Arborist with 20 years of Arboriculture experience. Jason is extremely proficient in leading our highly skilled and experienced team to deliver a full range of Arboriculture Services to the region.

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We have invested in the latest 18” Bandit Chipper to lead the way in delivering greater job efficiencies, high performance, improved safety and a wider range of capabilities.

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We are a Family-Owned and operated business, proudly providing quality service to the region for over 10 years.

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We have invested in a range of equipment to deliver a one stop shop for our customers. From complete tree removal, trimming & maintenance, hedging, stump grinding and mulching.

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The proof is in the pudding with our five star reviews found online commonly referring to ease of communication, reliable and professional. Our ease of communication with customers is made possible by our investment in the latest mobile and cloud technology enabling great service across our business.

Specialist Tree Work

Our highly experienced team of Arborists are capable of undertaking specialist tree works including large and overhanging trees, crane removals, storm damage and all insurance work.

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Complex tree removals using the lowering devices, complete tree removal, tree trimming & maintenance.

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Michael Terrens
Michael Terrens
The team did a great job of our small urban jungle. Our main criteria was met, remove unsuitable / advanced trees & shrubs etc whilst preserving that which we did want to keep. Happy to recommend.
Barry Reynolds
Barry Reynolds
Jay from Killeck tree management did a fantastic job trimming a very large fig tree overhanging my yard. The team were very professional, great value and have completed a fantastic result for us. Would highly recommend this business to others. Barry
Laura-Jane Godfrey
Laura-Jane Godfrey
Thank you to Jason and his team. Not only for an amazing job with our trees but for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want reliable and honest then Killick Tree Management should be your choice
Andrew Whittington
Andrew Whittington
Got Jason and his team in to remove about a dozen stumps that would have taken me a month of back breaking digging Professional job and will get them back again easily. Thanks guys !!
Emma Killick
Emma Killick
Friendly, Reliable & Professional Service all the time!
Marianne Adelson
Marianne Adelson
Professional and friendly, site was left neat and tidy, would recommend their service.
Daniel Thiessen
Daniel Thiessen
Great to work with. Very professional. Jason knows his stuff. No dramas, they just get in and do the job. Would definitely use again
Peter Haywood
Peter Haywood
They came into my overgrown suburban yard, over delivered on what they promised, couldn’t be happier. Treated my neighbours with respect. Kids actually have a yard with sunlight at last!
Lachlan Powell
Lachlan Powell
Very friendly, great work. Achieved exactly what I was after and in a short amount of time too. Would highly recommend!!
Neil Stickland
Neil Stickland
Very efficient friendly service

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