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Ah, the stubborn stump. Perhaps you inherited one (or more) in your garden when you bought your new home. Or you opted for tree removal in the past and decided to keep the stump to save costs. These things happen. But now you’re left with a stump that’s not only in the way of your gardening and landscaping ideas, but it can also harbour termites and other pests that are a threat to you and your home. 

When in doubt, take that stump out! Now is the time to call Killick Tree Maintenance for stump grinding that’s effective and won’t disrupt the rest of your garden. We’re experts with the right machinery that allows us to remove literally any stump you have on your property. 

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Do I really need to remove a stump?

Technically, you can leave a stump where it is, and many Gold Coast homeowners choose to garden and landscape right around these hazards because the idea of removal seems too difficult. But when you call an expert arborist with the right equipment, you just might be surprised how simple that removal can become. 

Stump grinding is the process of machinery eating into the stump and grinding away at the wood that remains until it is completely cut down and removed. Blades on the equipment cut right into the stump where it sits and literally grinds it into chips. These wood chips can then be gathered and removed, used for your landscaping as mulch, or used in part to fill in the hole left by the stump. 

There are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to opt for stump grinding and removal. One is clearly a matter of aesthetic and convenience. An inconvenient or dying tree was removed to make room in your garden more safely, but the stump was left behind to take up space. This can be easily removed to make room for any projects you have in mind for the yard.

Another major reason people remove stumps is to prevent regrowth. Just because you chop down a tree doesn’t mean the entire tree is dead. In fact, the roots can remain active under the ground and lead to suckering sprouts that pop up along the perimeter of the stump, making for a rather useless and unhealthy tree.

And branches aren’t the only things that can develop in a leftover stump. One of the most treacherous are termites who can take up residence in the leftover and rotting wood. Other pests like carpenter ants and diseases or fungi can fester in the remnants of a stump, leaving you with double the trouble later.

Stump removal for any location

Stumps don’t always show themselves in the most accessible locations. That’s why it’s important to go with a licensed, insured, and certified arborist for your job. They’ll be sure to have the right equipment for the work, including everything from machines that can go up (or down) sharp angles to tight access machines that can fit into the smallest of spaces. 

When you’re talking to an arborist, you’ll want to make sure that they are also able to grind well below ground level so you are able to completely remove the stump and cover up any traces of it. 

Grinding is also much more efficient than other forms of removal such as digging or DIY grinding. In fact, most lower grade rental units may not be up to the job for your specific stump, leaving you with hours of work and hundreds of dollars spent, only to still have a stump! 

What to expect with stump grinding on the Gold Coast & Tweed Shire

First things first: be sure to hire an actual certified arborist with the right equipment and not a fly-by-night landscaper who claims they can do stump removal. You’ll need to work with the pros to make sure that everything is not only done to your satisfaction but also safely and properly when it comes to machinery.

There are several different kinds of stump grinders, and your arborist will choose the best one for the size and location of the stump in question. For example, there are hand guided narrow grinders as well as riding grinders and wheeled grinders that are much larger and able to tackle tougher jobs.

The grinder will be placed over the area where the stump is located. Once turned on, the rotating blades on the machine will begin to work their way into the wood and literally grind them into small chips or pieces. The grinder will continue to push forward or down into the stump until the operator stops it to check on the depth and remaining stump material. Wood chips are cleared and collected along the way when safe. 

The great news about stump grinding is that it doesn’t take long to complete a job once all of the proper equipment is in place. Most stumps take just 30 minutes to a few hours to grind down.

How much does stump grinding cost?

Different services will charge differently for stump grinding largely depending on the size of the stump and the different equipment they will need to get the job done right. Most all stump grinding projects are charged as a flat fee, but be sure that everything you expect (including clean up) is included in any price you are quoted. The national average is $95 per stump. 

At Killick Tree Maintenance, for example, our grinding fees can start as low as $50 per stump including levelling the ground for use. Other factors that can affect the price include the number of stumps you need removed as well as the location and ability to access them easily (or not) on your property. 

Regain ground with stump grinding from Killick Tree 

There’s no reason for you to have to stare at an unsightly and potentially pest-ridden stump in your garden any longer. Stump grinding services can completely remove these nuisances from your property in just a few hours and for much, much less than you’d pay to try it yourself. At Killick, we know that stumps can be a bother in a yard or garden, and we’re equipped to remove any stump, anytime, anywhere.

Our family-owned business is centred on customer experience and quality jobs. To that end, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to get every job done right the first time and keep communication open and clear with every customer. And with over 15 years of experience as certified arborists, your project will be in the best hands for the job on the Gold Coast. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stump Grinding on the Gold Coast & Tweed Shire

Can’t a tree be removed without leaving a stump?

Unfortunately, no. When cutting down a tree, arborists aren’t able to safely cut flush with the ground. This means that when you have a tree removed, you can count on their being a stump. However, you can also ask about grinding services if you are having tree removal done on your property. 

Can I DIY stump grinding?

Technically, yes, but who would want to? Sure, you can rent stump grinders, typically for over $100 a day, and take on the project yourself. But you’re more likely to spend much more time and energy on the removal as an inexperienced operator than the project would take in the hands of the professionals. It’s also likely to cost you less to go with the pros. 

Can I plant a new tree in the same place there was a stump?

Sure! Most grinding will go low enough to make room for new plantings including small trees and grasses. 

Will I be left with a huge hole in my garden?

Not necessarily. Most of the time, the wood chips and dirt that are turned up during the grinding process are collected and used to fill in the hole that’s left where the stump once was. This can be removed later if you prefer to fill in with something different or have ideas for planting.

Stump Grinding

Our tight access machine allows for easy access to most areas and we are able to stump grind up to 30mm below ground level.Starting from as low as $50/stump once a stump and been ground down, customers can then lay grass or plant a garden over the area. Call Killick Tree Management for a quote.

Stump Grinding being performed showing before and after


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Jason Killick is a Cert 5 qualified Arborist with 20 years of Arboriculture experience. Jason is extremely proficient in leading our highly skilled and experienced team to deliver a full range of Arboriculture Services to the region.

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We have invested in the latest 18” Bandit Chipper to lead the way in delivering greater job efficiencies, high performance, improved safety and a wider range of capabilities.

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We are a Family-Owned and operated business, proudly providing quality service to the region for over 10 years.

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We have invested in a range of equipment to deliver a one stop shop for our customers. From complete tree removal, trimming & maintenance, hedging, stump grinding and mulching.

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The proof is in the pudding with our five star reviews found online commonly referring to ease of communication, reliable and professional. Our ease of communication with customers is made possible by our investment in the latest mobile and cloud technology enabling great service across our business.

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Our highly experienced team of Arborists are capable of undertaking specialist tree works including large and overhanging trees, crane removals, storm damage and all insurance work.

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Complex tree removals using the lowering devices, complete tree removal, tree trimming & maintenance.

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Michael Terrens
Michael Terrens
The team did a great job of our small urban jungle. Our main criteria was met, remove unsuitable / advanced trees & shrubs etc whilst preserving that which we did want to keep. Happy to recommend.
Barry Reynolds
Barry Reynolds
Jay from Killeck tree management did a fantastic job trimming a very large fig tree overhanging my yard. The team were very professional, great value and have completed a fantastic result for us. Would highly recommend this business to others. Barry
Laura-Jane Godfrey
Laura-Jane Godfrey
Thank you to Jason and his team. Not only for an amazing job with our trees but for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want reliable and honest then Killick Tree Management should be your choice
Andrew Whittington
Andrew Whittington
Got Jason and his team in to remove about a dozen stumps that would have taken me a month of back breaking digging Professional job and will get them back again easily. Thanks guys !!
Emma Killick
Emma Killick
Friendly, Reliable & Professional Service all the time!
Marianne Adelson
Marianne Adelson
Professional and friendly, site was left neat and tidy, would recommend their service.
Daniel Thiessen
Daniel Thiessen
Great to work with. Very professional. Jason knows his stuff. No dramas, they just get in and do the job. Would definitely use again
Peter Haywood
Peter Haywood
They came into my overgrown suburban yard, over delivered on what they promised, couldn’t be happier. Treated my neighbours with respect. Kids actually have a yard with sunlight at last!
Lachlan Powell
Lachlan Powell
Very friendly, great work. Achieved exactly what I was after and in a short amount of time too. Would highly recommend!!
Neil Stickland
Neil Stickland
Very efficient friendly service

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